We work together with Bioenergy Europe on all of our biomassa activities. Bioenergy Europe is the common voice of the bioenergy sector aiming to develop a sustainable bioenergy market based on fair business conditions. Bioenergy Europe is a non-profit, Brussels-based international organisation founded in 1990 that brings together around 40 associations and 90 companies, as well as academic and research institutes, from all across Europe. CEFACD is working together with Bioenergy Europe in the working group Domestic Heating.

We are a member of Orgalim. Orgalim represents Europe’s technology industries, comprised of 770,000 companies that innovate at the crossroads of digital and physical technology. Together, we commit to champion an EU policy agenda for sustainable growth; to support the industry in its transformation; and to advance dialogue between business, policymakers and citizens on the relationship of technology to society. For more information visit www.orgalim.eu