Although natural gas is a fossil fuel, gas remains one of the cleanest and most efficient fuels for heating of homes. Many European countries invest momentarily in a natural gas network in order to convert more polluting fuels to natural gas. In this way they are able to meet CO2 emission targets.  New modern gas appliances are very efficient. They reach efficiencies of 87% (condensation level). Local space heating on gas is one of the most effective ways to heat since you only heat the room in which you are present and only to the extent that you need. There is a lot less spillage versus central heating systems. All modern appliances are equipped with thermostats and also because of Ecodesign many have now -smart controls- with timers and a variety of control options which are operated through apps. In our Commission Gas we work together on the promotion of these products, give input on new EU regulations and share important information amongst our members.